Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Hooker Casino at HereLounge

Go Go dancers always willing to pose for a pic if you tip them.

Showing that  A$$!

This is the first time I see someone wearing a scar on a hot summer day!

Go Go dancer hanging out with the crowd. 

Feel that firm A$$!

Friday, August 31, 2012

At the Eagle LA

Porn Star Jesse Santana

Jesse Santana Fingering himself

Waiting for someone to shine his shoes.

Who says pink isn't for men!

Proud to be an American!


Jesse Santana Fixing his Junk!

Let me tell you this Nasty Boy loves tasting his Ass!

More self fingering!

Pocket Dots

Construction Worker Ahead!


Red Hot Shoes and a Hardley, the perfect combination!

Posing for the Camara

Mario Diaz Admiring Jesse Santana

Need a lift?

Who says cowboys only ride horses?

I'm sure this is inspire by Tom Finland somehow

Photographer taking advantage

It was a hell hot day!

Magnum @ Factory Ultra Suede

Never a Dull Moment at a Gay Club...

This Boy is Proud to be from California!

Ass ass ass...